My Husband Slept With Over 10 Women.

I have been with my husband for 7 years. From the beginning we fought so many spiritual attacks individually and collectively. I wasn't as in tune with God as I am today so I had a very hard time recognizing spiritual warfare versus my husband's hard life.

Every 3 weeks we fight and the peace continues to leave my home. On different occasions since 2012 to 2014 I discovered text and FB messages from women he was having relationships with. Of course he lies and says it never happened even though they are as plain as day and the evidence is there to see. I confronted the last one in 2014 she denied everything. We got into a huge physical fight I just wanted to draw blood that day.

I started to communicate more with God, in 2014, I forgave my husband realizing that it's a spiritual problem. I was able to love him again. I began to pray and I could see the changes and I believed he was trying to be available but in my spirit I still knew someone was there.

We had twins in 2015 we seemed so happy and now only to discover two days ago that he continued the relationship that I forgave him for in 2014. There are more than 10 women to my current knowledge that he has been sexting phone sex and Skype. I recently discovered that in 2011 he went back to his country and slept with at least three different women on a number of occasions.

I am so devastated. I really thought we were happy but its all a lie. He even asked one to have his baby promising her marriage, and sends them money, and put one through medical school while I had to fend for our three children.

I want to be mad, hate him, hurt him but I'm not going to repay evil with evil. I am going to fast and pray that is all I know how to do is trust my God will work everything in my favor!

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Sep 22, 2016
My Husband Needs To Be Rescued From Immoral Women.
by: Anonymous

My husband has been cheating on me with different women for 3 years. He keeps their nude photos and videos even though he knows I can access them. I have been fighting this war and praying for him but it is getting worse.

Now he's dating 4 different women and one even comes to our family home and still post pictures on Facebook. When I confront him with this he always says he's sorry and even stopped talking to the women but still continues. He sometimes doesn't sleep at home, comes in the early morning.

I have seen videos of him having phone sex with 2 women and telling one that he loves her with everything he has got. He even says he regrets having a baby with me because he would just leave but he will stay because of him. I'm hurting. But I don't want my child to be caught up in all this. I need you prayers. I'm helpless but know with God's power nothing is impossible. Please pray with me.

Apr 03, 2016
We Need To Pray Against Evil Spirits That Attack Marriages.
by: Anonymous

It is so evident that satan is attacking marriages at a rate I cannot fathom.

All females should stand together and pray against this. What breaks my heart is the fact that woman is hurting woman.

I ask myself this question will I be able to hurt another woman like this knowing the man is still married?

I am praying for you and my first request would be for God to protect and hold your heart close to His chest as that is the biggest pain!

Love in God!

Apr 02, 2016
Prayers Heal Cheating Husbands
by: Osita

Hi, there is tremendous power in prayers to turnaround your husband.

Let us guide you to win back your husband and save your marriage, through targeted prayers. We'll pray with you and counsel you until your testimony.

To start, sign on to the free 'Help Me In Prayer!' from the right side of our website and we'll get in touch immediately.

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