My Husband Spends Weekends At His Baby-Mama's House.

by Anony

I have been married for 16 years and during that time my husband had an affair and a child with another woman.

He has slept in her house almost every weekend drinking and doing drugs with the other woman. Each time he comes home his excuse is that “she is the mother of his son, and that she is his “friend”. I get mad at him and tell him this is not how a married man should act, however, he does nothing to change his new weekly routine.

I’m ok with the involvement of his son, but my issue comes with the mother. Since his involvement with this woman, he has made such a decline drinking more, doing drugs, making unsafe decisions like getting seriously drunk and driving around angrily.

He frequently wakes up with hangovers at her house and misses work. This is causing me a great deal of pain and while I continue to pray for him. I’m just tired of staying passive when he does nothing to change the situation. He feels he’d rather ruin his marriage than his friendship.

Please help with advice and prayers. I feel lost. While I truly want my marriage to work and last. I also feel like there is no hope, and why should I continue to sacrifice my sanity, health and happiness when he refuses to do the same for me.

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