My Husband Spent Over 200,000 Dollars On A Woman For Sex.

by Liz
(Fort Worth )

In October 2016 I actually see on my home computer a whore giving my husband a blow job. I recognized my husband's body and when confronted he lied and said it had just happened this past summer.

The truth was that he met her in 2009 at a strip club. He's 62 and she is 32. She has a leisbian partner and 8 kids. My husband was paying her $300 two to three times a month. With benefits like an iPhone, LA fitness membership, shopping trips to Target and Walmart, and Victoria Secret and other sex shops plus lunches after sex, including jewelry for special occasions.

I found out about the spending after I gained access to our joint bank account. In the eight years I have estimated, he spent 200 thousand dollars. He also used so much Viagra it doesn't even work on him now.

Meanwhile I was at my top weight of 260 lbs. I had a gastric sleeve last year and lost 85 lbs. I had a total knee replacement in May 2017 and second knee to be done this October. I had left my husband for two months but came back because I don't want a divorce and I have always loved him.

I am regaining my health and am retired so I am willing to serve God. Right now my husband is just following me but I want God to change him and restore our marriage. I have been so hurt and just want God to show me his plan for us.

We are also going to a Christian counselor but that's more for me than him. I need counsel from fellow believers who have been through this nightmare. I am trying to heal in the right way and offer full forgiveness.

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