My Husband Threatens To Leave Me, Please Advice.

I am from Bangalore India. I was born in a Christian Family. I got married to my long time friend who was a Hindu converted to Christianity. He loved Jesus Christ and when he proposed I accepted and got married. I was an independent bold girl who left a man in my house for the first time.

Before our Marriage I once slapped him but then asked him to forgive me. After that every thing seemed normal.

Before 6 months, he changed his email passwords, deleted his FB profile, locked his phone with secret pin. Though I asked him but I did not bother much.

He started picking fights and started to say he wanted to leave me. He said he was tired of me, didnt love me and he does not want to have responsibility. He told my friends that I am always working and don't cook for him.

He said he just wants to be alone and does not want to take any responsibility like any husband / head of the family would do. He said he wants only money and nothing else.

Three months later, I found out that he is having an affair and that's why he wants to leave me. He hit me once, but immediately cried and apologized. But an hour later he was completely different again. He said it was my mistake to come in the way.

He says mean things to me, abuses me, constantly reminds me that he does not love me by verbally saying it out loud every time he has a chance. I pleaded with him to work it out. Told him we can somehow work things out. But he has no mercy for me. At least thats what I feel.

I know that I might have in some way done something to hurt him, I apologized to him for that. Asked him to tell me when I hurt him. He refuses to talk about anything. He just says he hates me and he wants to leave.

The only reason he is with me is because I asked him to and because he married me. He has stayed out at nights, and lies to me about every thing. I found out he is with another woman who has a family of her own. I was informed by another person that he is planning to elope with the woman to some other country.

I was shattered and still am. Three weeks back I was admitted in the hospital due to severe head aches. He took care of me and after my excessive cryin and pleading he agreed to try and work things out. But he never stopped his phone calls, messages and night outs.

I am trying to not feel the hurt but I am not able to. He threatens me not to talk or ask anything, else he will leave me. He wants to live his life out side and will just be as my husband in the house since I asked him to. Thats what he said.

I was a girl who never cried, who had so strong faith in Jesus, but now though I have faith in the Lord I am hurt and I am crying all the time.

He will not and can't stop everything immediately. He cant love me immediately. The love is gone it seems. But he wants me to be patient and not say another word while he is trying.

What should I do? I am not a person who thinks cunningly and devices plans. I am scared to do anything wrong. I fear the Lord and never want to do anything that is not his will. 

I have friends who say that I should just file a police complaint and take it legally. then there are friends who say that I should just be patient. But I am confused. I dont know what the Lord's plan is. I dont know what I should do. I dont know if I should hold on or leave him. Please pray for me. Thank you

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