My Husband Under The Spell Of A Cuban Woman.

by Teresa A. D'Agostino
(Toronto, Ontario, CANADA)

My husband went to Cuba in July and came home wanting a divorce. This was a complete shock to me and our family. I attempted to rationalize what was happening to no avail and was accused of being in denial, but after 30 years I knew something was just not right with him.

After exhaustive research into the way he has been behaving and consultation with more than one priest, we have ascertained that he has been the victim of a Santeria love curse. He has given this women money and she is holding him hostage for more.

He continues to live in our home and treat me like a wife. I am praying very hard over him and praying with authority that our marriage be restored immediately and totally. He is softening but he remains COMPELLED to call this woman every day and tell her he loves her.

I know this is NOT my husband saying these words as there is an actual physical change in him when he is doing this. He will not use her name in front of me, referring to her as his buddy or friend. He is under her spell and I will have it no longer.

Every time the word CUBA is mentioned in our home he changes into a possessed man. His eyes change, his voice gurgles and his personality becomes aggressive. His words are venomous and vile and are definitely not of God. He speaks with total ugliness and an hour later has no recollection of the conversation, or is so remorseful that he is in tears and apologetic.

I know this is Satan trying to destroy our marriage. There is no doubt in my mind that my husband is under a full blown attack by the enemy.

I ask you all to join me in prayer for the binding and destruction of every aspect of this curse and for the total and immediate restoration of our marriage.


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