My Husband Wants To Leave Because I Can't Have Children.


I feel very ashamed that about two years ago my husband cheated on me because I can't give him children. He knew I couldn't have kids when we got married and I guess it was my fault and now I'm so unhappy!

I prayed and prayed for GOD to help him and he did but now I found out my husband looks at those dating sites to meet girls. I want out but feel GOD has some kind of reason we are stil together. So if I can please get everyone to help me pray.

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Oct 15, 2018
My husband is cheating on me because I don't have children. NEW
by: Mercy Ezekiel

My husband is cheating on me because I don't have children.for the pass one month he will leave me and sleep outside, sometimes he comes in late time after work.

Feb 05, 2017
You are of Value
by: Anonymous

I also cannot have children and my exhusband got his mistress pregnant. We had only been married 3.5mnths when he had an affair. First, know it's not your fault.

But let me tell are incredible. You are of value even though you can't have children. I have to remind myself of that everyday. My exhusband's family supported her and him. It felt like the worst betrayal ever. But God supports us. He loves us. And that is better and more important.

It has been 2yrs ago that my husband left me and got her pregnant. And it is still hard but I know I'm of value. And I know God is on my side.

Jan 31, 2017
Facing the same situation
by: Helena Cabral

I am facing the same situation
My husband is Muslim. His family is making pression for him to have kids. He is cheating on me presently with his own cousin. They sustain a long distance relationship and it's tearing me apart. He has asked that we separate. I am tired and deeply hurt. Please, help me!

Jan 01, 2017
God Can Give You Children In Your Marriage.
by: Osita

Hi, maybe there are biological or medical reasons why you can't have children but these reasons are inferior to God's power and authority.

If you turn to God, in faith through prayers, you will have children even if your womb was cut out!

However, God can change your husband to be faithful so that both of you will have your joy complete when you have your children.

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