My husband Wants Younger Girls And Prostitutes.

by Heidi
(Holiday Florida)

My husband works with men who enjoy porn, strippers, prostitutes, asian massage parlors, fling dating sites and do drugs.

They have heavily influenced him and i can see where it has affected the way he treats me which leads me to believe he has joined them in these activities.

There are some things i have found out about, he had sex live cam sites,porn on his phone searching for younger women than me, fling dating sites also which he denied and said they were ads,but he did admit to the porn.

I found emails indicating he attempted signing up on dating sites. He admitted to smoking pot with these men, started working weekends, late, and taking our vehicle to work instead of company van, puts on cologne, jewelry, even though he's a plumber.

He gets strange phone calls from different area codes, and every now and then has to go out of town late,sometimes he shuts his phone off so i cant reach him.

One day, he accidentally called me in mid conversation with the guys talking about how he likes sluts not whores. He also mentioned wanting to go to an Asian massage parlor.

He keeps cash on him instead of using the bank, hides money,its driving me crazy.

We have four children ages 18,14,5, and 6 months. I am a homemaker, no education or career, social life and I need my husband back. I'm so afraid someone is going to wreck my home and steal him away though he wont admit it.

He doesn't want to go to church. And there's hardly any intimacy between us. I am very sexual, good looking, experimental and imaginative in the bedroom. I can't understand what else he wants in a woman.

Please pray for my family, especially my husband.😞

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Nov 25, 2014
He Should Separate From That Group.
by: Osita

Heidi, your husband is deeply involved with friends that make it difficult for him to live right.

Worse, he is not a Christian.So no conscience and resistance.

We will start praying to God to save his soul but he needs to separate from that group. This may be difficult for you to suggest; more difficult for him to do.

For as long as he remains there,living for God (even after being saved) will be tough for him.

The first prayer point is for God to save his soul. Once he's saved, he will want to fight this filthy life style.

The second prayer point we shall be praying is for God to give us wisdom and show him way of escape from the clutches of this immoral group.

Heidi, we suggest you subscribe to the our free ezine, Help Me In Prayer' on the site to keep in touch by prayer.

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