My Husband Was Seduced By A Pregnant Woman

by Am

I came across this website a while ago. I have been trying to post a message or tried to use the website for regular prayers but it has been inconsistent. I am now ready to share my story with you all.
I knew my husband from school, last year of high school when I was 18. Then dated and went to university in the same country and back to our home country.

With time, our relationship got more official and serious and we got engaged. After 13 years of seeing each other and maintaining a committed relationship, we got married.

However, I started noticing some changes in him after some time. He would leave me alone at home and would go to friends and attend to all kinds of tasks that he did not usually do. He would become nervous for no big deal and such. Well, I did not know what was happening. He did even tell me one day that maybe we need to take a decision to separate.

He started to go out even more often and at one time, he even got into a fight with me for nothing and left me all alone in the house one night. Then it happened again and again. Still I could not understand and tried to be a good wife when he came back.

He would not touch me. Things that we used to do...were no more. I finally discovered a phone number on his mobile and after research found that there was another woman. By that time, I also got pregnant. I didn't let him know that I knew of it all then cause I thought with the baby he would change his mind. Then at one point, it seemed that he stopped and decided to get on the right track...

After less than a month of me being pregnant, he told me that the baby was an accident and that he is done with me and to see what I will do with my life then. I was devastated and pregnant...did not know what to do. I stayed though and did not leave the house.

He lived as if he has been single, coming and going in the house...I spent my whole pregnancy like that. The woman forgave him for getting me pregnant. They were living as if 2 teenage lovers...valentines day he would just leave and come back evening and much more.

There were fights, insults and such. The woman called on my phone and when I confronted her she said well they got attached to each other.

Husband started playing with the baby in my belly and I thought this would bring him back gradually. My husband could not and maybe didn't want to be here for me.

After delivery, it looked as if my husband's mind was not with us. Finally, after 2 months, he told me that he has decided to live his life again. I have financial support from him, but no emotional support. He would leave the house in the morning and come back late at night. Even if he was not going to see the woman, he kept away so that he would not be with us else she would leave him.

My husband is as if he never got married, doesn't have a wife anymore and would cut off from the daughter as well. My daughter doesn't know what its like to have a daddy at home though she has started asking me about him. She is 2 now.

These past two weeks I barely saw him and he saw his daughter maybe twice. I can't believe I have lost my husband...seemed as if I didn't have control of the situation. Sometimes I blame myself. The woman is a divorcee with a child who doesn't live with her.

Apparently she was the one making advances at my husband prior to our wedding, and she was pregnant then!
My husband really goes crazy when the woman goes away from him and doesn't talk to him. He could hold the phone while at a table and easily neglect everything for her.

I really am losing all hopes now. I can't even pray. I am an exhausted person. But I do want my family back. Please help me.

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