My Husband Won't Stop Cheating And Abusing Me.

by Kim
(Phoenix, Arizona)

My husband and I started as childhood friends, and passed through long distance love relationship. Then six years ago, we got married and have been through a lot.

I confess that within this period of long distance, we both cheated on each other. I admitted to what I done, repented and asked God for forgiveness.

But my husband who is still unfaithful won't admit it. More so, in recent years, I suffered so much abuse and domestic violence at his hands that I had to live to get some peace.

While away, I rededicated my life to God and now enjoying a fresh fellowship with the Lord.

Meanwhile, I found out that my husband is now into many immoral relationships, physical and online. I have cried and prayed all I could but nothing seems to be changing with him. I don't know what else to do right now. I'm not even sure I'm praying aright.

I need help and deep prayers.

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Sep 24, 2015
Prayer Changes Stubborn Cheating And Abusive Husbands.
by: Osita

Kim, what you face may be hard for humans, but really very small before our God. We have seen God change worse situations and lives through targeted prayers.

I will suggest you key into these right prayers and also get us praying with you until victory day We'll help you get the prayer points and show how to pray them.

To get started, subscribe to the free ezine, 'Help Me In Prayer!' from our website. I shall reach you immediately for start-off prayers.

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