My Husband's Affair With An Older Divorcee Is Rocking Our Marriage

by LuLu
(Caribbean (SLU))

I have been married for 7 years. My husband and I have a son together. However we have been living separately for the past 3 months since I found out about this present affair.

For the past three years we have been going through some really tough times. This includes but not limited to infidelity. My husband also has a problem communicating with me, he keeps everything bottled up inside and never want to address problems when they arise. Instead he pulls away from me.

After constant begging for him to tell me what is wrong so we can address it, I decided to do my own investigations and found out that he has been having many affairs during the course of our marriage. I have confronted him about them and he has confirmed it.

Presently he has taken with a 44yr old woman who has once been married but now divorced and she is vigorously pursuing my husband. My husband is 37 years of age. this woman buys him clothes and gives him money. She presently has no children but wants to have them.

My husband has now gotten to the stage where he says that's who he wants to be with and who he loves. He says that he doesn't love me and that our relationship wont work. he keeps saying that he wants a divorce but my Christian belief won't allow me to accept this.

He has even said that, two years into the marriage, he realized he wasn't in love with me but pretended all this time. This hurt me to the core especially when I found out AFTER WE GOT MARRIED that he has been cheating even before we got married and never stopped.

It's very hard to accept this especially when my husband still says he is attracted to me and that our sex life has always been great. To the point we still have sex, even though we are separated. Before we got married, when he proposed marriage, I wanted us to be sure of what we wanted before wedding. But he insisted he wanted to get married immediately.

Since my reason for wanting to wait wasn't because I didn't love him or wanted to marry him it wasn't a problem to go ahead with the marriage. The worst part is everyone in his family sees what he's doing and says to me that I don't deserve this and I should move on with my life and leave him. But my spirit is saying something different. My God is not a man that He should lie, and I truly believe in my spirit that all hope isn't lost.

I really need some strong prayers for my husband and this affair I need targeted prayers. Please help.

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Mar 13, 2016
Prayers Can Save Your Marriage Quickly
by: Osita

Hi Lulu,
I will get in touch with you with the targeted prayers. God is faithful and he will favor you with His satisfying answer.

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