My Husband's Girlfriend Has Moved Out Of Our Home But...

by Courtney

I have been with my husband since I was 17. I am 26 and we have 2 daughters together. I left my husband almost a year ago because of his abusive behavior towards me in front of our children. Within months, he had moved his girlfriend into our home.

Later, my husband and I reconciled and his girlfriend was sent, and moved back into our home. We're a family again. We have full strong intentions on repairing our relationship and working on our marriage.

Our only problem right now is the activities of other people who are bent to scatter our home by spreading falsehood about us. We want everyone to keep their lying tongues in their mouths and stay away from our home and family.

I prayr for God's mercy on those who have set out to cause my husband and I even more marital problems than what we already have.

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