My Unfaithful Husband Won't End His Long Term Affair

by Anonymous
(Los angeles, CA)

My husband and I met when i was 16 going to 17. He was 24 and had recently ended a long term relationship with another woman with whom he had a daughter.

She had found someone else and moved out to live with him. We dated for 5 years before getting married. During this period I cheated on him with a past boyfriend (who was married) and never admitted this to him.

We got married and were happy for the first years.

I knew marriage was sacred and vowed to remain faithful to my husband. But my husband could never let go of his suspicions he had about me cheating in the past.

It seemed this doubt caused him to do so much things against me and our marriage. He began staying out till late hours, drinking a lot and acting very cold. We had a daughter but that didn't change him at all.

Then i began seeing phone texts and knew he was having an affair. He never admitted this to me, always denied it. Maybe because i couldn't forgive him i began having affairs of my own.

Five years ago i accepted Jesus in my heart; now my life is a total opposite of what it used to be. My husband and I are still married, we live together, we have a level of intimacy but a very weird relationship.

He has still been having affairs..and has been with the same girl for years now.

We have mentioned divorce but neither myself or he does anything to get it done. He already has a child with this other woman, he goes out in public with her. Then comes home and expects me to be a wife.

I am now a Christian so i don't go to the places they are seen together but many people see them and tell me about it. He always denies it when i ask. She posts pics of them together on her facebook and he comments. She even stated that she is in a relationship with him and he acknowledged it.

But when he is home, he cooks for me, he can be so good to me and my daughter...i feel so confused. I try keeping my faith in God's will, mercy, grace and justice but sometimes feel so overwhelmed.

I wonder why he has not left home if he is that in love with that girl. Yes, if he doesn't care about my feelings but publicly keeps a relationship with her, then why is he still at home?

He says nothing when i am questioning him and evades the conversation all the time.

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