My Wife Has Left Me For Another Man

by Robert
( Alabama, USA)

I will try to make this short. This all started with my wife writing bad checks on me after we got together and was just living together in sin.

Right after we got married we both joined a church and was doing ok until I got notice I was about to be arrested for more checks so I went and told the clerk it was not me and pressed charges against my wife.

Not long after, I got a letter saying my daughter had warrants on her for the same thing bad checks, but it was my wife that had written them. Each time I would get mad blow up and let if she down but I always used the charges against her.

Well, she did get arrested and spent 30 days in jail and promised that it was all behind her. I borrowed the money to bail her out.

She was in church regularly helping with bible study but her attitude didn't change: bad checks and debit cards. So I told her to leave but soon after, she has another man now.

I do love my wife but she will have no contact with me at all now. Other than money we had a good marriage, no arguments at all over anything else.

I have surrendered my life to God now and want my marriage to be restored and their affair to end. Please pray for this please I am hurting more than I ever have in my life

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