My Wife Texts And Calls A Man Several Times In The Day And Night.

My wife started act differently. She is very defensive. I notice everyday that all she does when she gets home is being on her phone.

For 3 week’s past I notice she gets irritated easily when I’try to talk to her. So I kept my mouth shut. But there was a time I ask why are you irritated to me. I have not done anything to you? She doesn’t give me a proper answer instead she will yell at me, saying your so narrow minded.

On March 10,2018, something came into my mind, check our cell phone bill. I saw a man's name. She was texting him at 5:50pm about ten times but this person never reply. Then my wife try to contact him after midnight at 1:40am and still this guy never replied.

So I showed her the bill and the I ask her what is this? Why are you in contact with this person? She replied by arguing with me. She said she was just venting to him. I ask about what? She said about you!

I got so angry and said a lot of things. I went off on her. Then she blamed me that she never got over what I did years ago. And also it keep building up because of me not working and not helping financially. She is bringing up the past and changing the issues saying it’s my fault.

Is it about what I did long time ago and not having a job? The issue today is about her talking to another man. Why is she venting to another man and talk about me? She never apologized.

I hope and pray that she knows what is she doing is not right. Also pray that she doesn’t continue to see or talk to this guy Kevivn.

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