No More Lies And Deception

by Ron Perera

I have lied to my girlfriend/wife numerous times, promising to change, but through many chances i have become sly and continued to lie. Then one day I completely stopped lying. However, the past occurrences that have not been mentioned or remembered, has been haunting me.

I really need to rid of this unholy habit and only follow God's word and put Him first in this relationship and have no other issues distracting or diverting me off this course.

I have cheated on her, not sexually, but through lies of happenings and that i know now from the passage above, is known as cheating as well.

If i knew this earlier i wouldn't have done it.

Oh Mighty Lord above deliver me, forgive me and have mercy on me over this evil trend. Wash me with the blood of Jesus and only make me concentrate on You, O God.. Teach me the path of righteousness and honor; and guide me by the Holy Spirit at all times.In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

To my love, I say I'm truly sorry to have betrayed your trust. Though I have hurt you deeply, I seek and request your forgiveness as I desire to come back to you. This time with full of God's love and only His love that will fill me.

My sincere apologies for you to believe and trust in me as I'm a baby in Christ, willing to live and grow in Christian holiness and truthful life.

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