Porn-Addicted cheating Husband Wants Divorce.

by Linda

My husband has been unhappy in our marriage for a long time. I tried to keep the peace but he just kept getting distant. He would be angry at everything, my grown children, my grandchildren and say mean things.

He showed no affection toward me for years and I would cry on a regular basis. I didn't let him see me cry or any of the children/grand children, only my friends at work, they knew all about the sadness I was going through and loneliness that was almost unbearable.

My husband is addicted to porn and felt I needed to look like a victoria secret model or barbie doll. I was not able to do that because I just don't look like them. I am a very lovely woman but he always wanted more.

After a long hard look at the life we were living and all of the crying and bitterness, I had growing in me toward my husband, I asked him to leave. I had hoped he would realize how much he loved me and missed me and determine that we needed help but instead of doing that he told me he wanted a divorce. And that he was in love with someone else.

I cried, I got angry, I got sick on my stomach and didn't eat for days on end but I still pray for God's divine intervention to save him from the lust he has for other things and women. I am prepared to wait for the rest of my life because I am tired of chasing after love that is not there, or is not what God wants for me. If it is meant for my husband to come back then I will be waiting and praying but I am not going to live my life in sadness any longer. Jesus Christ is my first Love and he will pull us through this time in our lives and in what direction we will go is up to him. I will continue to pray and fast for the right and best answer. Praise God for his blessings everyday of my life.

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