Pray For My Adulterous Husband Return

by Latoya Trueblood
(Columbus, Ohio )

Three years ago, next month,(May 12,2012) my husband started making excuses and making arguments. But I had a lazy and drunkard spirit on me due to our situation then.

He went off and starved our relationship and took up with his old girlfriend whom he is with now and they are expecting a baby girl this May 2015. We had our last child together five years ago. Then he wanted me to have an abortion, I refused but he talked me into getting my tubes tied.

He also complained about my weight but his girl friend now is overweight, and not pretty.

I'm here with our kids but he spends his money from the job I helped him to get to entertain her.

Now I have nothing but broken dreams and my kids are in rebellion, turning their aggression towards me.

He turned his back on all of us he doesn't take care of our kids but only calls our oldest child and put her through emotional ringer telling her who did what.

My sister wants me to let him go and let him stay with his girl friend. My sister also stepped outside of her own marriage. So she wants me to do the same.

I need my husband back in my marriage and home.

So pray for me.

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Jun 02, 2015
by: jamika

Latoya I said a prayer for your marriage tonight.

Apr 29, 2015
Don't Give Up On Your Cheating Husband.
by: Osita

Latoya, prayer for cheating husband change work for us here. It will work for you too.

Let us start right away. So subscribe to our free ezine, 'Help Me In Prayer!'.

You shall succeed.

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