Prayer For My Husband To Withdraw The Divorce Suit And Return Home.

by Suzanne

Dear Father, I come before Your Throne in prayer today on behalf of our marriage.
Lord, the enemy has come between me and my husband and Satan is trying to destroy our marriage and our family.

Please, Lord, I am asking for my marriage to be restored, and for my husband to come back home and leave the other lady for good.

Lord, I pray for your mighty hand to intervene. I pray that you will send others to his life to show him his sin. Please let our divorce be canceled that he wants to come back home. Lord, I love my husband very much and don’t want to lose him, and I forgive him of his adultery.

I pray dear Father that my husband's heart will be softened toward me, his wife, and he will also run back to you in repentance.

I pray that Jesus will be first in our home and in our hearts.
We pray and know that your word tells us that "all things will be made good to those who love you and are called according to your purpose". We love you Lord...

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