Prayers Needed: Not Giving Up On Cheating Husband

by Megan V.
(Virginia, USA)

Will be married for 8 years very soon. My husband told me he needed a break at the end of May, so I went to stay with my Mom in another State. Turned out once I got there, I needed to have surgery. I told him not to give up and throw away our marriage. He told me he wasn't and there wasn't another woman, but he wanted to meet new people.

Really the 'new people turned out to be another woman who stayed with him while I was at Mom's.

He hasn't been calling me until the other night he texted me, telling me that he is lost without me. He also admitted being with someone else (he didn't know I knew already) and that he was going to get rid of her.

The following day I called him after he got off work. I told him again that I forgive him and he knows I want to start over with him. He said that he didn't feel like talking about things then, and would talk later. He hasn't called yet.

But I'm not giving up and have been praying for my husband. I would appreciate your prayers too for him to stop giving into Satan. He needs the strength to push the devil out of his life and to see that God will help him.

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Jul 09, 2015
Let Us Pray For Marriage Restoration.
by: Osita

Megan, you have come to the right place. This is where God honors our prayers for fulfillment of marital destinies.

I believe that God will restore your marriage with your husband.

We will pray with you, and for you, for the exit of the foul spirit of infidelity and marriage disintegration.

Let's start now. Subscribe to the free ezine, 'Help Me In Prayer!' and we'll be on to the targeted prayers.

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