Seduced By A Prophetess To Cheat On My Wife.

by Enoch

The story below is a mixture of craziness, wickedness, total unholiness, ......After judging me, promise you will pray for me for my deliverance and salvation. That's the best gift a man can give to anybody.

Right now I am entangled in the mother of all affairs. A woman approached me and she told me that she was a Prophetess and that God told her that I am her husband. I went to another man of God and he said indeed there is a spiritual relationship which God has approved between us but it is for his work. He said God has put an assignment for us, we shall start a ministry in the future.

As I was figuring out what this all meant, I started spending time with this lady, praying together, reading scriptures and sharing visions and dreams. We even fasted and climbed mountains together. She even ministered to people praying for healing and prophesying accurately in their lives.

Then one day something happened, we were sitting in the car and talking and the atmosphere changed to romantic. We started kissing non stop. That evening the inevitable happened at the back of the car. This was the beginning of cheating that has now lasted for more than one year.

As a prophetess she says she speaks to God directly and God has approved our relationship so there is no need to feel guilt.

I want to stop this relationship but I can't. I want the love to fade away but it is getting stronger everyday. I am spending more time with her than my wife. My wife is suspecting something but she can't finger exactly where the thing is. I don't want to lose my wife, we have been together for more than 20 years.

My other prayer is that when I am delivered from this one, I don't want to fall into another affair. Somehow, I fall and rise in this weakness. Saints, please stand in the gap with me. God bless you.

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Jun 24, 2017
Angle of darkness
by: Anonymous

Clearly, she is not a prophetess of God, there is no truth in her. God does not contradict himself, God said, let no man separate what He had joined together.

Yes, she may prophecy but not by the spirit of God remember Jesus said many will prophecy in my name perform miracles and signs and wonders. She has misled you and you need to stay away from her. I know such women; my husband is under the same spell with a wicked woman who calls herself a prophet from a cult church and she is a divorcée. She started dating my husband before she divorced.

They usually use strong ties to hold you back. Seek the Lord and pray very hard

Feb 25, 2017
I am Praying for You.
by: Anonymous

May God break every stronghold over your life and deliver you from the power of darkness...IJN..Amen

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