Striving To Keep My Husband And Marriage.

by Josie
(Los Angeles, Ca)

My husband and I have been married for 14 years and have 4 small children.

Currently we are undergoing a very difficult time in our marriage due to his affair which has lasted for 2 years now. He agreed to stop and promised he would never allow this person to destroy our family.

However despite his plan this other woman has had her own plan. She refused to move on and has decided to separate our family no matter what. In the past she has vandalized my husbands car, his business, and even our home because my husband would not leave us. When it all became too much my husband began to see more clearly that it was time to end this affair once and for all.

At that time she came up with the news that she is pregnant with a child for my husband. We were devastated but my husband insists he loves me so we've decided to stay strong together.

However in the past few days I see a drastic change in him. I believe that this woman continues with her plan being manipulative and is obviously not willing to give up. My husband appears confused and not as willing to be as close as before. I feel so confused and overwhelmed.

I believe my prayers have been answered before since I saw the change in my husband when it all seemed lost so I know that if change happened before then it's possible that change can come again.

I don't want to give up on our marriage but we need the power of prayer more than ever!!!

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Mar 08, 2015
Your Husband Can Be Free From That Affair
by: Osita

yes, Josie, I believe your family needs targeted, effectual prayers to untie this knot.

Something strange is running around your husband's system that makes him undecided as to what to do to break free. This woman cannot roll him around like a toy as she wishes.

I know there's enough power in the right prayers to give your family rest from this evil intimidation.

Josie, let us pray...

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