The Devil Fought My Family For Seven Years

by Camille
(N.C., US)

I was pregnant in a month of knowing him, feeling scared because I did not know this man and knowing he left the other woman so quickly I feared of raising a baby alone.

A few months later I found out he had cheated on me even while pragnant but I overlooked it. I had the baby and we got married four months later.

I thought that was it! We were married! We thought we were doing the right thing, because we knew my parents would not let me and the baby spend nights with him. We got a place and then two months later his cheating ways were back with a vengeance. Not coming home at night we began to fight physically everyday!

Involving our families and they slowly began to build hate towards each other , police was at our place every week! They knew us very well. We even began to abuse it! Then I lost my job, and had to do many wrong jobs to earn a living.

So then I met this girl and she invited me to church, now 24, and haven't been since I was 17! I accepted and went and when I went my eyes just couldn't stop crying I knew I had been away from God for so long and my soul was crying out to Him!

I kept going and I repented of the sins in my life. God stayed with me every step of the way. I no longer feel in the bondage that the devil had me in. I finally found the true love of Jesus! God's mercy and grace saved me, I no longer feel that pain that I felt for so long.

And I can't do anything but thank Him and help other married women turn to God when their marriage is in distress. The devil is a liar and know that God has already won the battle!

I love my God and I will serve him forever. The battle isn't over but the devil is already defeated! I'm going to have my family back.

Please pray for me and my family! I love u and appreciate it! God bless

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