The Prayers Are Changing My Husband Gradually.

by D
(Texas )

Glory be to God and all of his wonderfulness. This is the beginning of my testimony because it is yet to be over. God hears our prayers, so Don't Give Up!

It was so bad. He publicly denounced me as his wife, he said he had no wife in fact but just the other woman. Not to overload with detail, let's just say it gotten really bad and he once publicly chose her over me.

I prayed fervently but it wasn't what it looked like and what I felt, but I persisted. He texted saying why he won't fight for our marriage; I kindly accepted whatever blame he made up in his mind. He changed his tone and called me back to start convo over.

We spent mon-wed together before and after work he stayed over, no sex but cuddles and a little kissing. His right hand was on Wednesday... my testimony will be soon. I know it as I continue to pray. Amen

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