The Strange Woman Used Evil Powers To Marry My Husband.

by Joy
(McKinney, TX 75070)

My husband started an affair and they got married February 2015. My husband is such a wonderful man, and we've been married for 30 years with 3 adult kids.

Their affair started when my husband went to her salon to get a haircut, she saw money on him. My husband is a big tipper. To make my story short, and you might think this is untrue or you might accuse me of making up this story, but, she worked on him so much. They used black magic on him.

On the third time that my husband went to her salon, he came home complaining that he doesn't feel too good. He told me that when she rubbed this oil or lotion on his head, ear and neck, he felt like throwing up. He got home feeling tired, can't think and cannot even sleep for like three days. He asked me to take him to the doctor. His doctor did every test he can think of, but they cannot find anything wrong with him.

Then I noticed and feel after almost one month, that the atmosphere inside our house changed. I feel like someone is always watching us, there are times that our bedroom smells like there is a dead person next to me. Then I got kind of sick. My friend who is a healer from the Philippines told me that something is going on with my husband, and that someone sent a bad spirit in my house.

I found out later on from one of the seducer's friend that she was doing some black magic on my husband and me. I am a Christian woman, and she tried everything she can to make me sick. I fought with prayers, and I saved myself from whatever she is doing towards me, but I wasn't able to save my husband. He is so blinded, and like addicted to her. I even sat down with him and tried to make him think and see what this woman is doing to our family.

She has no shame and no guilt for what she has done to destroy my family. I've been standing for the restoration of my marriage. I have to fight and pray that my family will be restored. At the end, I know that it is worth it, because I know my husband still loves me. He is a wonderful man blinded by what this woman did to him. Please pray for us in Jesus might name.

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May 23, 2016
Prayers Can Bring Back Your Runaway Husband.
by: Osita

Hi Joy, this is the kind of situation that shows the supremacy of the word and Spirit of God. Just see the authority in 2 Corinthians 10: 4-6.

God's power over evil spirit or demons can be demonstrated in your own case. Sign up to the free 'Get Prayer Help Now!' from the top right side of our website and let's start the right prayers for your marriage restoration.

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